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About Us

We are multi wings agency that take brand to the highest level of success.

ACT was founded in 2002. We provide intelligent solutions in casting information and communication technology (ICT), profound GSM telecommunication evolution, ingenious and marvelous skills in engineering construction, in addition to the 360 marketing service provider.

We have deep knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s business industry. ACT is detail oriented regarding the needs of each business model. We always strive to create customized solutions in order to achieve our customer’s business goals.

ACT provides consulting services to all business owners. We created our own innovative system in recruitment outsourcing process, in order to provide the most cost effective and commercially simple application. It is significant for our organization to able to communicate and engage with the best talent in the market.

We built our 24/7 call centers to provide around the clock service to ensure direct response to the end user, therefore strengthening relationships with clients. We highly prioritize the quality of our workforce since they are considered the most significant drivers toward our business performance.




To become the partner of choice for all your business needs by constantly executing and delivering outstanding projects.

ACT is a multipurpose agency, specialized in Marketing, ICT, Construction, telecom implementation business. ACT aims to become the leading agency in all sectors we operate in, for every business need. We are building share and stakeholder values by setting the highest standard in reliability and performance.


To enable a link between all stakeholders by providing strategic marketing techniques and innovative engineering solutions.

ACT Message

ACT continues its growth with the rapidly increasing market value in the explosive sector in Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries.

With our spontaneous professional working capabilities with local and international companies, we are able to have dynamic, strong and experienced management, where our sales and marketing team underlie the radical changes and the success that we have created in the market.

Our global understanding and team spirit ability makes our company unique and provides competitive advantage to us.

Our experienced team provides sustainable benefit by putting classic dealer-customers understanding aside and being ready to be with you whenever you need. For this purpose, all of our personnel are at your disposal in the light of our vision, mission and values that we have sincerely written.

We are providing general services for ICT, GSM telecom implementation, construction, and 360 marketing business to continue our new investments, and also maintain our works to be a source of pride of our country and the sector in export field.

My special thanks and warmest affections & regards to our employees, suppliers, business partners for their valuable contribution and trust they have given us, as well as to all of our stakeholders who have contributed and made a lot of effort in this process, which we hope will be the first steps to achieve the desired success.

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