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Construction Development

Provide top-notch construction services – – ACT built in providing excellent construction management from high management down to the field personnel with exceptional deliverables of surveys, engineering, architectural, interior and landscaping designs to our Client’s needs.

Provide efficient and strategic solutions for construction engineering services – – Whether planning a new system, expanding or modernizing a system or carrying out a process-optimized renovation of existing systems, we provide complete planning services from creation of the concept to commissioning of the completed system.

Prepare smart construction design suitable for customer’s needs – In planning, designing and implementing modern investment projects, ACT is at your service as a skilled and experienced partner, delivering high quality at a low cost. Our experts are familiar with national and international regulations. Your system is designed on the basis of the individualized concept. ACT provides smart construction designs for our private partners and Saudi government institutions facilities throughout the kingdom.

Quality Interior Design and Landscaping – ACT can help your dreams come to live from the high-rise buildings, residential areas, offices, manufacturing, farm sites, sales and marketing boot designs or even personal spaces with guaranteed satisfactory level.

Our Construction Development Client’s


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)


Provide site evaluation and audits – We provide engineers that are well versed in the inspection of MEP systems for a variety of building types. Emphasizing the full-scale scope and facilitating the project.

Provide efficient solutions for any MEP services – When you think about who you might hire for your next MEP project, your first concern may revolve around where to locate the bulky switches gear or how to choose materials that meet code requirements and lend appeal to your finished space. We understand and we can help. We have solved many design puzzles over the years and MEP Services are at the core of what we do best.

Prepare strategic design suitable for customer’s needs – ACT MEP engineers are certified and license. They are always informed and on top of the latest developments in the MEP field through active participation in a variety of professional organizations and of course their lengthy design and implementation experience. That is why they can understand the customers needs.

Quality MEP installation and base on standard procedures – It is also important that the MEP systems are kept up to the current code guidelines and repaired if they are failing. In terms of new buildings, we can consult with clients to ensure that all MEP systems are designed up to code standards through systematic design reviews and meetings with architects, contractors, and installers.

Our MEP Client’s

Manage Service (Operation and Maintenance)

Provide Site Inspection, Site Survey, and Site Audits – We provide life-cycle O&M concerns with detailed site inspection, facility-specific, and organized reporting of the condition of facilities.

Prepare Quotation for Issues Found inside the Building – With detailed inspection reporting, we prepare comprehensive quotation for each existing issue found over the area covering the cost and impact.

Provide Immediate Solutions for Any Issues inside the Various Mall Shops – ACT provides the best solutions with immediate actions whenever there are any issues found in the area. We also provide our alternative solutions depending on the client’s capabilities.

Installation of Shop Including Decorations, Counter and Stands – With our expertise in construction, we are capable enough to redesign and reconstruct our client’s necessity, including architectural designs.

Provides Security System, Network Connectivity, and Air-conditioning Units – – With our ICT support department, we are providing O&M support for security systems and network connectivity, and our designated air-conditioning technicians are always on standby mode.

Our Manage Service Client’s


Medical Construction


From hospitals to research facilities, healthcare buildings are essential to the health of the world’s population, as well as medical innovation. Designing these structures requires a delicate balance of technical requirements with the needs of doctors and patients, but when done right, these designs can save lives. ACT provides perfect solutions with excellent performance in project management as well as the quality standard for all medical facilities.

ACT conducts site evaluation, risk management survey, medical requirements, and implementation analysis in line to specified clinical standards to create our client’s project perspective. The process of identifying patients needs, evaluating their health status, and ultimately treating their conditions has grown into the most complex endeavor and requires a vast array of infrastructural considerations. ACT highlights its experience in developing the medical infrastructure using the innovation in engineering techniques and processes. When it comes to considering the most delicate and sophisticated level of medical standards, ACT is the front-runner.

Excellent engineering such as:

Site Survey – We conduct site evaluations, risk management survey, medical requirements, and implementation analysis in line with specified clinical standards to give our client’s project perspective.

Construction/Renovation of Laboratories, Wards, Isolated Rooms, Patient Rooms, Hallways and Admission Rooms – We provide effective engineering construction practices to minimize the potential for occupational exposure to hazards in the workplace and without disturbing other areas during our construction. Moreover, our commitment to occupational, health and safety standards is our priority during the construction process.

Provisioning the Area for highly Sophisticated Laboratory Equipment, Ventilation System, Piping System, etc. – With the collaboration with other medical partners, we can strategically provide the medical equipment according to our client’s needs. We provide specific health and safety engineering requirements when provisioning laboratories for new construction and renovation projects.

Design and Installation for Medical Facilities Interior and Exterior – We offer a wide range of anti-microbial interior and exterior designs, which include the furniture, cabinet/counters, chairs, paints, tiles, etc. and they have definitely passed required laboratory fire codes.

Our Medical Client’s

ISP/OSP Solution

Fiber optic networking is slowly replacing copper as the standard for high speed data transfers. However, in order for optical fibers to transmit data over long distances, they need to be highly reflective. ACT offers designs and installation for fiber network that can help clients transmit more information with greater fidelity over longer distances.

Implementation and Configuration of High Rate Digital Subscriber Modems (HDSL/ADSL) – Our fiber optic installers are proficient at the installation of connectors on various types of fiber optic cables using various types of epoxies, and can perform mechanical and fusion splicing and more.

Installation and Joining the F.O.C. for the Computer Networking including: Planning for Compass Backbone, inside Building and Horizontal Cabling – ACT’s fiber optic network planning engineers understand and comply with its limitation but are capable of providing innovative and alternative designs suitable for every customer requirements.

Testing and Commissioning the Cabling System using OTDR and Omni Scanner for Both Types of Cables, etc. – We perform connector end-face evaluation, proficient in optical loss testing, and understand the installation requirements.

Our Offered Services

Engineering and Planning – With ACT’s borderless knowledge and experience over OSP construction, we are aligned and committed in delivering customers’ requirements during the construction process such as:

Site Survey – we provide proposed diverse cable routes and carefully estimate the probable risk of what is likely buried underground.

Outside/Inside Plant design and engineering – - ACT provides turnkey programs and project management for a competitive bid specification development.

Fiber Optic, Copper and DLC Design – Provides technical coordination and engineering evaluation.

FTTX Design and Engineering – Confirms existing surveys and information and draw-up specifications.

Permit Services – Secures all the necessary permits needed prior to construction and submits it in a timely manner.

Design and Feasibility Studies – Conducts our in-house engineering design provided by our experienced personnel working in the field according to our client requirements.

Facilities and pole audits – Provides systematic facilities and poll audits to the existing system structure.

Manhole verification Services – Confirms each manhole according to the standards and as per given specification.

As-built Packages – Provides detailed “as-built drawings” and associated documentation.

Route Schematic planning and drafting – Value-added engineering of plant routes and length requirements for fiber/copper cabling.

Fiber Optic, Cable, Voice, Video and Data Connections Support – Heat mapping of network installations to ensure signal strength and good coverage, completed pre-install and post-install to confirm satisfactory network connectivity performance as a deliverable.

Directional Drilling – with our experience, we can provide directional drilling to predetermined underground target or locations.

Excavation and Preparation of Trenches for Laying Pipelines or Ducts – We provide verification of details contained in pre-built drawings that will ensure that the potential problem areas are uncovered before the contemplated work kicks-off and potentially save one a lot of trouble later.

Concrete Foundations Construction – we perform soil verification by digging pilot holes, verifying soil properties.

Installation of Pedestal Interfaces/Pedestal Guards – provides detailed implementation plans to community relations, ensuring sufficient safety and environmental concerns, which means extensive amounts of pre-work and ongoing coordination for the life of a project.


Giving the best output level to our clients, ACT makes sure that the implementation teams are qualified and certified with different fiber optic installation standards, in such:

Fiber Optic Installation – Our team is familiarized with Standard 301 that gives a minimum level of quality for fiber-optic cable installation.

Underground Installation of Cable – We provide quality structure beneath the ground without sacrificing the fiber optic cable route plan. Fusion Splicing, Single, Mass, & Ribbon (Mobile & Aerial), Mechanical Splicing – ACT teams have a general understanding of optical fiber installation, connectorization, splicing, and testing, and are familiar with optical fiber, connector, and splice performance characteristics.

Termination and Cross Connection – with our certified technicians, appropriate termination and connection is easily achieved.

Testing System Design Fiber Optic Cable Installation by Mole Plough – provides effective and economical methods for fiber optic testing, cable system installation, and the use of mole ploughing.


GSM/Telecommunication Construction


Site Acquisition, Site Survey, and Site Development – We are specialized in the identification, securing and leasing of wireless sites. Our team leverages years of experience to meet specific client objectives and has critical knowledge of all local jurisdictional requirements.

Tower Erection/Retrofitting – With extensive knowledge of all types of towers, we are able to support our customers for all their equipment installation requirements. In addition, we perform feasibility and analysis, handling permitting and design through certification and validation, and generate budget numbers to aid in appropriating funds to our customer’s project.

Construction of Shelter/Cabin, Generator Rooms, Fuel Tanks, Fencing, and Painting – We offer complete services in installation and design to our customers’ facilities and provide high quality services that can supply their internal equipment needs resulting in less construction management needs on our clients’ end. These capabilities have been tested and proven in hundreds of project around the kingdom.

Installation of Electro-mechanical Equipment – We offer a complete range of electrical and mechanical solutions, covering design, supply, installation, entry into service and centralized control.

Our GSM Construction Client’s