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GSM/Telecom Implementation

ACT offers complete turnkey solutions and services for wireless network operators (STC, Mobily, Zain), vendors (Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE), government institutions (MOI, MOH), fixed networks and integrated technologies. At ACT, we have a dedicated team of professionals with great experience and expertise providing the best-proven telecom solutions to fulfill your requirements. Our telecom solutions have been tailor-made to achieve the protocols and established methods of the telecommunications industry as well as local codes.

Our customer driven solutions and nationwide footprint distinguish ACT among others, with our reputation for delivering rapid-response services and integrated solutions for almost any need. We have built our reputation of an expert telecom solutions provider by assisting an impressive list of diversified customers. Our project managers and engineers are familiar with the requirements of our clients and their needs, and lead the technical staff in the deployment of their systems within specified timetables and budget requirements. We take great pride that the solutions we offer will make technical and economic sense. By using our services your project will be successful.


GSM 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Microwave Radio


Project Planning

ACT provides application of engineering knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed client’s needs and expectation from the project by preparing strategic planning such as:

RF & Site Survey – provides tower sites that can provide good target coverage area, capability to handle provided services, quality of signal for clients whole area.

Line-of-Sight Survey – ensuring no obstruction in between connecting sites while obtaining maximum transmitted power.

RF Scanning – using spectrum analyzer, our experienced team provides technical reports and solutions in presence of RF interference in the area.

RF Cellular Planning – provides sufficient coverage and capacity study for the services required in allocated frequencies.

Microwave and Radio System Planning – planning and creating the business case for microwave networks, including advantages and disadvantages - essential for decision makers.

Network/Site Audits – collection for analyzing for security, implementation of control availability, management and performance in accordance to network/organization requirements.

Material Storing/Warehousing – designed a system to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, while processing associated transactions, such as receiving, putting away and picking.

RFQ Preparation and Evaluation – With experience in material handling system design and implementation, ACT provides technical review discussions that guide the project into an effective path, making the lives of both the vendor and the customer much easier, thus reducing the time to reach a correct and timely decision.

Project Implementation

Over the years, ACT has been executing large scale Telecom Implementation (TI) projects throughout the kingdom, implementing most of the leading telecom vendors’ equipment such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel, Motorola and others. These projects covered different network (STC, Mobily, & Zain) rollouts, expansion projects, SWAP, and upgrades. ACT’s IT teams are all veterans with a significant record and proven field experience in all the existing Telecom Technologies such as, GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, HSDPA, UMTS, LTE, WiFi, WiMAX, Fiber Optics, NGN and others. ACT’s portfolio covers a wide range of telecom platforms such as Radio Base Stations, Core Switches, Transmission, Antenna Systems, Power, etc..

Material Handling/Delivery – with existing functional partners in material handling/delivery, we are committed to provide well managed, timely and successful delivery of each materials and products in every sites.

Installation of Antenna system, Feeder lines, Jumper cables, Grounding system and Power cable lines – following the installation standard, our reliable technicians perform quality installation from various feeder line functions connecting the outdoor and indoor units with acceptable performance output level.

Microwave and Radio System Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Design, Simulation and Verification – Our technical teams are proficient in performing numerous installation, commissioning, and integration of microwave and radio units and are provided with latest trainings and certifications.

Installation, Commissioning, Testing, and Integration of Mobile communication Equipment’s like BTS, BSS, MSC, UTRAN, RNC, Node B, Terrestrial Truncated Radio (TETRA) etc.– ACT engineers provide expert knowledge in ensuring that every site is fully functional, while minimizing the mean down time after each conducted activity.

Performance Testing, Optimization and System Analysis – We are aligned in achieving the highest signal of quality by following the installation standards, best engineering practices, and good decision making in analyzing and optimization of signal output data.

Completing Turnkey Projects for Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Coverage Solutions – Our commitment to our countless customers is to provide well -managed, organized, and punctual projects completion with exceptional output level.

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Manage Services Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Manage Services Operation and Maintenance

One of our area of expertise is telecommunication management and O&M activities. These include the management of telecommunication services, networks, and equipment, by means of designing generic and technology-specific principles, frameworks, (methodology), architectures, functional requirements, information models, and protocols for the specification of management. O&M interfaces between network elements, between network elements and management systems, and between management systems.

BTS’s, BSS’s, MSC’s, RNC’s Operations and Maintenance Services – We provide 24/7 effective solutions, typically step-by-step procedures for performing O&M on any specific piece of equipment.

Electro-mechanical System Operations and Maintenance Services – we are following the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations; we provide guidance for systems and electro-mechanical equipment. Our immediate response and effective management leads to the ability to identify information sources and contacts in assisting to get the job well done.

Network Operation Center (NOC) Support – ACT provides constant technical support in overseeing the NOC center by monitoring power failures, communication line alarms (such as bit-errors, framing errors, line coding errors, and circuits down) and other performance issues that may affect the network, and track the details of the call flow. Aside from that, our NOC engineers perform things such as DDoS Attacks, power outages, network failures, and routing black-holes, remote hands, support, configuration of hardware, and monitoring activity, such as network usage, temperatures etc., in order to ensure the smooth running of the network.

Post Processing Analysis – We provide highly efficient and fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on the drive test data. For benchmarking, its predetermined report templates help compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames, and visualize the results in a single report.

Site Clean-up Activities – – Our services extends up to quality, health and safety environmental network wherein forgotten during project implementation. We provide assessment for all existing telecom equipment rooms, towers, and equipment, and identify solutions to the specific situations.

In-Building Solutions (IBS)

ACT offers a wide range of in-building coverage solutions for all types of structures partnered by the Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) most innovative designed components in the market and excellent quality services. ACT supplies all RFS products in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Our Services

Here are some of the more common locations in which improved wireless signal are critical for data and voice services:

Office buildings – provides engineering solutions to maximize the network coverage inside the buildings.

Warehouses – enables to sustain the availability of network coverage inside the warehouses and to ensure it will support its logistic activities.

Plants – provides signaling system, network connectivity access, and other solutions encompass the plant.

Government facilities – delivers sustainable network access among government institutions and provides its operation and maintenance services.

College campuses – – offers the best available network technology suitable for students and helps them achieve their educational vision with our adaptive solutions.

Buildings under construction – provides temporary network connectivity to construct an infrastructure.

Tunnels – using our latest innovation from our partner Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), we are offering a state-of-the-art technology using RFS feeder cable that can provide signal propagation throughout the tunnel without additional antennas connected in between. This means that the cable itself will serve as the antenna.

Train or bus stations – providing a safe and streamline network access connectivity to the commuters on every station.

We use different types of systems:

• Single/Multi frequency bands systems.

• Single/Multi operators.

• Passive/Hybrid architecture.

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